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An App for Your Business

In the smart phone world no matter what you’re after, someone, somewhere, has come up with an ‘app for that’. Why? Because people will use it, and if people use it, that creates engagement and income opportunities. So if there’s an app for everything, how about for your business?

You Can’t Ignore This

According to technology research company Gartner, in 2014 worldwide sales of smart phones totalled 1.2 billion units (up 28% from 2013). Business Insider, Australia, states that globally one in five people use a smart phone — more than use a PC. And here in New Zealand, the Association of NZ Advertisers puts that number at 51%. Given those numbers it’s not surprising that large companies have latched on to smart phone apps to peddle their wares. Now every airline, fast food franchaise, bank, etc. has an app. These apps create sales, but usually come at a price well beyond the reach of most small to medium sized businesses. Until now...

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Yes You Can Afford It

Don’t give up an arm or a leg to play with the big guys. You want an app that customers will love, looks great, and will drive sales, but won’t involve surgery. Get in touch, and let us show you how.

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