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Don’t forget to write

Given how difficult it is to win a new customer, it's remarkable how few businesses keep in touch with those that they have. The problem is they’re just too busy with the day to day, and honestly, writing an email newsletter that most customers will delete as soon as it hits their inbox, well, that’s just not motivating. But — as all of us with a mum know — it is important to keep in touch. Your app will enable you to send short messages (push notifications) to your customers that WILL be read. It's just like sending a bulk text message, only it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (see previous page). You use our fancy pants, easy to use, but very secure dashboard to write a short message, press a button, and that message pops up on your customers’ phone's home screen, and, drumroll please… stays there until they’ve read it. That easy, that powerful.

Keeping up with the Joneses

Where would we be without social media? Okay, a conversation for another day, but love ‘em or hate ‘em, social networks are here to stay. Your app will fully integrate the power of those networks to help spread the word about your business.

In an interview on Entertainment Tonight, professional wrestler and movie sensation Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, attributed his ranking as one of hollywood’s highest paid actors to social media. With all due respect to Dwayne (and it pays to respect a guy who body slams for a living) he’s not the best actor, nor the most prolific, but he does have a massive social network following. Those followers are all box-office customers. Get busy! Use your app’s social networking features to grow your business.

We are Loyal

If you’re already running a customer loyalty program, you know how successful they can be. According to market research company Constant Contact, 82% of small business owners said that loyal customers were the main way they grew their business. If you want to test that assertion, your app can include a secure loyalty card system that will run rings around the crumpled and stained pieces of cardboard found in so many wallets and purses.

Roll it

If sound or video are important to your business — and if you’re a budding Lorde they probably are — then what better way to show off your stuff than in your app. Yes you can do that. You can even include song samples with links to iTunes giving fans the chance to Buy Now. But if you’re not a world-beating eighteen year old pop diva from Takapuna you might still want to use multimedia to show off your products. Tell us what you need, and we’ll show you how.


Sell products on your website? Why not include a shopping basket on your app, right there, in the customer's pocket beside their credit cards. It doesn’t have to be a shopping mall (though it can be), but how about those 20% of products that make up 80% of your sales.

Your heart on their sleeves

Well not quite, but your logo in their pocket — almost as good. Yes, your app’s icon will be parked on your customers’ phone’s screen reminding them each time they look at it why they love you guys. Absence (and a well placed logo) makes the heart grow fonder.

Is that it?

No way (but we're impressed you've read this far). If you’re interested to know more, why not contact us.

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