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How do I distribute my app?

You do nothing. Once you're happy with the design and content of your app we arrange for it to be made available to your customers through iTunes and Google Play.

How do I monitor results?

The flippant answer is that your sales will increase, but, yes, sometimes its hard to know why. Once you’re app is live you’ll have access to a secure website where you can view your app’s analytics. Also, if you choose to use GPS coupons, vouchers, or a loyalty card in your app the proof is right there in front of you every time a customer presents his or her phone.

How do I tell people about my app?

It depends on your business, but we’ll help you figure out what’s best for you. For starters though, how about these: QR coupons, social media, email lists, your website, search results, in-house flyers, and a tag added to any conventional advertising you do — have you noticed how many TV commercials now invite you to download the advertisers iOS or Android app?

Will it pay for itself?

An increase in sales should always outweigh the cost of those sales otherwise why bother. Our apps are affordable, and, used well, will increase sales. For example (and yes we’ve mentioned this before) through our secure dashboard you’ll be able to send messages (push notifications) directly to your customers. Why is this so significant? Because 97% per cent of push notifications are read within 5 minutes of being sent; compare this to the 4-8% read rate for marketing emails. Having a quiet day? Send out an enticing call to action!

Which smart phones?

Pretty much all of them. At this stage we support Apple and Android natively. According to technology research company Gartner, in Febuary 2014, Apple and Android accounted for around 94% of worldwide smartphone sales by operating system. But hey, the rest of you guys are important too, which is why we have HTML5 versions of our apps just for you.

Why a mobile app?

I already have a mobile website and I’m on social media why do I need a mobile app?
Well done, many companies haven’t even done that. But in business there is no equilibrium (well not for long anyway), your business is either going up, or coming down. A darwinian struggle that can seem tough at times — remember Kodak and Blackberry? Remain flexible and find effective ways to keep evolving. When 86% of mobile phone users prefer to use an app over a browser, it’s probably time to listen.

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